Mehron Glitter 101

Mehron Glitter 101

8th Jul 2020

You can never go wrong with glitter. Adding sparkle to a look is a sure way to take it from average to extra.  Interested in shining, but uncertain which formula to choose? Here is the rundown:

Paradise makeup AQ GlitterLet’s start with loose glitter. We have Paradise Glitter and Glitterdust. What’s the difference? Glitterdust is an ultrafine particle with a soft reflect and Paradise Glitter is a larger cut glitter that reflects a ton of light and shines really brightly!  If you’re after a soft, subtle yet enticing look try sprinkling on Glitterdust lightly onto your look.  If you want that bold, high shine, heavily packed glitter then opt for a Paradise Glitter.  Paradise Glitter comes in every shade of the rainbow and then some! While Glitterdust shade range has holographic and metallic hues.  Both are loose glitters so that means you’ll need a way to adhere it and Mixing Liquid is where its at! This clear alcohol-based formula allows you to apply glitter to the face and body and evaporates quickly so there’s little to no wait time.

Mehron GlitterMark glitterMaybe you want something that’s not loose to avoid any mess? Try Glittermark! This product was designed by world famous body painter Mark Reid.  The idea behind this unique product is to have loose glitter suspended in a water-based gel, packaged in a handheld squeeze tube with precision tip applicator for intricate design work.  Don’t need it for intricacy? That’s cool, you can squeeze it onto your fingertips and apply right to the skin in any creative way you choose. Do you know what else? The formula is paraben and alcohol free making it the better choice for those with skin sensitivities.

Mehron glitter sprayWhat about your hair, or covering large areas of the body? Don’t worry we have you covered in these departments with our Glitterspray.  This subtle sparkle comes in a 1 oz spray bottle perfect for adding extra glitz to arms, legs, torso and hair.  The best part is you aren’t just limited to the body with this product, it’s great for props, costuming, and crafting.

Last but not least, we give you the latest addition to Mehron’s glitter line ECHO Pressed Glitter.  This is really for the extreme beauty gurus out there who want
elegance not only in their looks but in their packaging.
Mehron ECHO glitter palette
 This 3-shade palette is housed in a deluxe mirror case to keep your glitter protected, clean and sophisticated.  In this beauty you get three prismatic shades of gold, silver and opalescent that shift and reflect spectral light all in a hydrating base of Vitamin E and Pomegranate extract. This applies much like a balm and is easy to blend onto eyelids, lips, cheeks and chest.  Use beauty brushes or fingertips to apply and you have instantly adhered glitter with zero fallout!