Creamblend for Cosplay

31st Jul 2020

7-31-product-group.jpgMost people will tell you our Paradise Makeup AQ is a cosplayers dream.  They’re not wrong, but sometimes you may long for a formula that acts more like a foundation and not body paint.  Not all cosplayers need to paint a full body. With so many costumes and body garments available it leaves your face and neck exposed.  If you want a super easy to apply and portable foundation you can fit in a bag and use for touch ups then look no further than our Creamblend Stick foundation.

This highly pigmented, refined cream makeup is an absolute dream when it comes to foundation.  It applies and blends seamlessly in a convenient twist up container making highlighting and contouring a snap.  With an array of 40 complexion shades and 18 bold shades including a silver and gold you’ll never worry about finding the right match.
The vitamin rich formula was developed originally as a theater makeup to hold up under Broadway’s hot stage lights so its meant to last! Unlike traditional greasepaint makeup Creamblend is formulated without a petrolatum base so its lightweight….and vegan!

From now until August 6th you can score 20% this cosplay classic.

Use promo code CREAMBLEND20 at checkout to receive 20% off all CreamBlend Sticks.

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