Mehron's 31 Days of Halloween 2023 Grand Champion: @tarafyingfx!

Mehron's 31 Days of Halloween 2023 Grand Champion: @tarafyingfx!

1st Nov 2023

This year's “31 Days of Halloween” Grand Champion, Tara, is not your average artist! Hailing from the streets of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Tara embarked on her artistic journey in a unique way. It all began when she was preparing for an art show back in 2015, mostly focused on skull paintings, but little did she know that this would be the starting point of her remarkable voyage into the world of special effects makeup and body painting. The discovery of Mehron and body-specific paints ignited a passion in Tara that has never dimmed. With an undying love for Halloween and all things strange and unusual, she draws inspiration from a wide array of sources, including books, haunting stories, 80's movies, and art with a gothic twist.

2023 Winner

Tara's determination to push her creative boundaries led her to undertake a challenge: to transform herself into a gargoyle for her 31 Days entry. Tara has always been captivated by gothic architecture, and this fascination provided the spark for her transformation. She was eager to bring the intimidating, stone-like features of a gargoyle to life on her own body.

Creating a gargoyle from scratch is no small feat, but Tara was up for the task. Her project took two whole days to complete, showcasing her dedication and commitment to her craft. One testament to the quality of the products she used is the fact that she even wore the chest piece to an appointment, and it held up remarkably well throughout the day.

Here's a glimpse into Tara's creative process:

Tara started by applying Mehron’s Skin Prep Pro™ to create a matte base for her makeup. This ensured that her transformation would hold up throughout the day.

Outlining and Base Layers: She outlined the chest piece with a makeup pencil and began layering her paints. The process started with Paradise Makeup AQ™ in different shades for detailing.

For the face, Tara used a bald cap as a base and attached her homemade prosthetic horns and ears using latex. To blend the edges of the horns seamlessly into her skin, she used latex and pieces of an old bald cap.

Finally, she finished her masterpiece with Mehron's Barrier Spray™ to ensure her transformation would last.

When asked about her favorite Mehron products, Tara had a hard time choosing, as she relies on several for her incredible transformations. However, two products stood out as must-haves for her:

Skin Prep Pro: Tara swears by Mehron's Skin Prep Pro. It not only mattifies the skin but also creates a solid moisture resistant base that keeps her makeup intact for an entire day. Barrier Setting Spray: Mehron's Barrier Spray is another essential in Tara's toolkit. It's the finishing touch that ensures her creations last as long as she needs.

Tara's journey from a skull-painting artist to the Grand Champion of Mehron's 31 Days of Halloween is a testament to her creativity and dedication. Her gargoyle transformation is just one example of the incredible artistry she brings to life. With an undying love for Halloween and a passion for the strange and unusual, Tara continues to inspire artists and enthusiasts alike with her captivating creations. We can't wait to see what she has in store for the future!

Congratulations Tara!

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