Make Your Lip Color Last!

Make Your Lip Color Last!

2nd Aug 2021


L.I.P Cream

Love the comfort of a cream lipstick but want it to last like a liquid matte formula? We have the solution with our LipStix Lipstick Sealer. This pro formula will extend the wear of your favorite lip color and make it transferproof! LipStix is a clear, liquid sealer developed to prevent cream formulas from smudging, bleeding, or transferring.

First apply your cream lip color, then paint a generous coating of LipStix on top and allow to dry for 1 minute. LipStix works by creating an invisible barrier between your lip color and other surfaces. Feel free to kiss, eat, drink and blot without worrying if you’ve smudged.

LipStix is both vegan and cruelty-free! Grab a bottle today for only $6.95.