How to use Prisma Blendsets

How to use Prisma Blendsets

21st May 2021

@namglam exampleIt’s summertime, which means it’s all about color! You’ve probably seen multiple layers of bold colors on the eyes, brows and lips of your favorite mua’s all over social media. If you’re wondering what products you can use to achieve these sought after looks try our Prisma Blendsets.

These multi-use palettes pack up to 6 shades of our Paradise Makeup AQ paints in one container. They were designed to allow for quick applications because you can load multiple shades onto your brush or sponge in one swipe. Once applied to the skin they effortlessly blend together cutting out all the work for the artist.

The best tools to use to apply your colors is our Paradise Makeup AQ Sponge or Prisma Brushes. The sponge is best for body art designs, especially if you want to cover a large area very quickly. Just spritz your blendset with water and drag your sponge back and forth to soak up color then apply right to the skin. Same method works for our Prisma Brushes. If you want to get really creative and apply 3-4 shades to the eyes or brows with a more delicate stroke, use our Mark Reid Fan Brush.

It is summer so don’t let the heat break down your bold creations. Grab our Barrier Spray to help lock in your designs keeping them smudge proof and water resistant.

Prisma Blendset Examples 1

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