How to Remove Face & Body Paint and Prevent Staining

How to Remove Face & Body Paint and Prevent Staining

12th Mar 2021

One of our most asked questions is “how do you remove all that body paint”? It’s a valid question. After a full application of body paint whether it's face and hair or head to toe you’ll want to wash it off properly. Luckily, Mehron carries an array of safe and easy-to-remove products to keep your skin happy and protected.

Mehron Barrier SprayHere’s a tip from the pros that may surprise you; it's all about skin prep! When you prep the skin beforehand, you’ll have a much easier time removing face and body paint. A great product to prep with is Barrier Spray. This clear, fragrance free liquid is typically used to set and seal makeup, but that’s just half of what it can do. When used beforehand on bare skin it helps to seal off pores to prevent makeup from sinking further into the skin. The further it sinks into the pores the harder to remove, not to mention temporary skin staining!

Mehron BaredThe skin on your face is much more sensitive and delicate than anywhere else on the body. When it comes to removing heavy paints and colors from your face try Bared. This is not just a makeup remover, but a cleanser as well! It’s formulated to remove all traces of highly pigmented and water-resistant makeup while leaving the skin clean, soft and hydrated. Just dab onto a cotton pad and rub over areas that are painted and watch them completely erase.

makeup removerSome face and body paints like greasepaints and creams can be a little harder to remove, especially when products like these need to be set with a heavy-duty powder. When it comes to breaking down layers of face and body paint, you’ll want Mehron’s Makeup Remover. This clear liquid formula breaks down and lifts creams and greasepaints easily to leave skin clear and soft.

So have no fear layering on your creams, greasepaints and water-based body paints. With these three products you’ll have no issues washing yourself clean knowing your removal products are safe and skin friendly.