How to Improve Your Line Work For Face and Body Painting

How to Improve Your Line Work For Face and Body Painting

26th Mar 2021

Line work can be tough because it takes concentration and a steady hand. Practice makes perfect, but using the right products and tools will make achieving crisp lines much easier. Here are a few tips and tricks to help to improve your line work when it comes to face and body painting.

EDGE Face and Body Makeup

First, let's talk about choosing the right product. Paradise Makeup AQ is our best-selling face and body paint. It's world renowned for it’s vibrant array of colors, buildable, blendable coverage and quick-drying formula. But when it comes to line work our brand-new formula EDGE™️ Face & Body Makeup reigns supreme. Think of EDGE™️ as Paradise’s wing man. Its rich, saturated formula is thicker in consistency and blend resistant resulting in clean, crisp lines that are guaranteed not to budge. It’s the next generation in professional face and body paint! Available in 6 shades and vegan it’s the ultimate choice for create that flawless edge for all of your designs.

Mark Reid Long Brush

Next, you’ll need to get the right applicator. Choosing the right tools is key when it comes to perfecting line work technique. Using the correct brush will do most of the work for you! Much like beauty brushes, body paint brushes all have a purpose to help with different techniques. Let’s take a look at the best options to create thin, crisp lines.
For the finest line try out Mark Reid #2 Round-Long Brush. The extra long bristles create tiny lines that can be dragged out for thin and long detailing. It also works great for writing script!

Paradise Makeup AQ liner brush

Our second option is the Paradise Makeup AQ 811 Liner Brush. This brush is shorter in length which provides more control for the novice artist. This brush is also great for line work around smaller, more concise designs.

Mehron Barrier Spray

Pro tip: When holding your brush be sure to check your pressure! The more pressure you put on the brush the thicker the line, the less pressure the thinner the line.

After all of your work is applied you want to make sure your lines and edges are set and sealed. Use Mehron’s Barrier Spray over any face and body paint designed to protect your work and extend its wear!