How to Get Your Makeup to Last Longer

How to Get Your Makeup to Last Longer

9th May 2021

Barrier Spray

The hot days of summer are approaching fast and everyone’s wondering how they can get their makeup to not only last long, but to stay put! Days spent outside in the hot sun can cause makeup to run and smear when you start sweating. Mehron developed a special formula to combat this pesky issue that we like to call Barrier Spray.

This clear liquid spray not only sets your makeup, but will protect it as well. Use as a before and after spray to protect sensitive skin from heavier products like cream foundations and blushes AND use it after to set and seal. Using Barrier Spray beforehand isn’t just for those with skin sensitives it acts as a mild moisture barrier to block out excess oil and sweat from coming up through your makeup. This is what will help extend the wear. Using Barrier Spray after will keep it from rubbing off onto clothing, accessories and the inside of your face mask.

You may have heard female rapper @delawesst raving about our Barrier Spray as a must-have for “hot girl summer”. She swears by it! She’s even used it to be water-resistant for any days by the pool or beach.
Available on or Amazon in a convenient 2 oz. spray bottle for only $9.95! Get yourself a bottle now so you have it in time for summer.