Customize Your Body Paint Palette

Customize Your Body Paint Palette

10th Sep 2021

Mehron empty 8 color magnetic palette

Customizing your favorite body paint has never been easier with our new magnetic Paradise Makeup AQ Refills. Our brand new Empty 8 Color Palette allows you to choose any shades you want to build your own custom palette.

Choose from any of the 40 available shades of Paradise Makeup AQ™️. Make your palette monochromatic, rainbow, half metallic and half matte or have 8 shades of your favorite color! The opportunities are endless.

Right now, if you purchase 8 or more Paradise Makeup AQ™️ Refill shades you’ll not only receive 20% off the Refill shades, but also receive a FREE Empty 8 Color Palette! That’s a deal you can’t pass up. Shop now and get all the shades you need for Spooky Season.