5 Must-Haves for St. Patrick’s Day Makeup

5 Must-Haves for St. Patrick’s Day Makeup

27th Feb 2021

Don’t have any green to wear this St. Patrick’s Day? Who needs it anyway, we have you covered with all things green, gold and rainbow themed makeup. These 5 Must-Have products will complete your St. Paddy’s Day look whether it’s full body paint or face paint.

Mehron EDGE1. EDGE Face & Body Makeup
The perfect shade of green for painting on those Shamrocks. Mehron’s EDGE is fully opaque, vegan and designed for crisp outlines. It’s blend resistant formula makes it perfect for creating any designs you wish to have a flawless edge.

Mehron Paradise Prisma Palette

2. Paradise Makeup AQ Prisma
These specialty Paradise Makeup AQ Prisma Blendsets are combinations of different shades that make for easy blending. There are 12 different color combos, but one in particular is the go-to this holiday. Arc-en-ciel (French for Rainbow) is composed of all 6 shades of the rainbow and in prismatic order. Just load up your brush or sponge by dragging back and forth across the surface and then apply right to skin. No singling out colors or painting each individual shade on, the work is done for you!

Mehron CreamBlend Makeup3. Creamblend
We’re all familiar with this classic product, but have you ever tried Creamblend in Gold? This gorgeous, rich and creamy texture is perfect for any pop of metallic you wish to add to your design. This formula is full coverage, vegan and comes in a portable twist dispenser.

GlitterMark by Mehron

4. Glittermark
Loose glitter can be tricky and often messy. If you need that final sparkly touch to your look try Glittermark. This fine cosmetic glitter is suspended in an alcohol-free water gel base. It comes in a half ounce squeezable bottle with fine tip applicator so you can easily outline designs or dab on top of your face and body paint.

Mehorn Intense pressed powder

5. iNtense Pressed Pigments
Powder formulas can really help to enhance designs. iNtense Pressed Pigments provide a super long-lasting matte finish that you can use to highlight or contour your looks. With 4 different shades of green and every shade of the rainbow you’re set.