3 Beauty Must-Haves for Hot Girl Summer

3 Beauty Must-Haves for Hot Girl Summer

21st May 2021

Ready for a Hot Girl Summer? Temperatures are rising and being out in the sun calls for more protection than just SPF. Let’s talk about some of our beauty staples that will prevent makeup meltdown without breaking the bank.

Skin Prep Pro

1. Skin Prep Pro

Who wants makeup running down their face and neck in the heat? We certainly don’t! That’s why we developed Skin Prep Pro. This clear liquid goes on prior to makeup application to create a super strong moisture barrier between your skin and makeup. Just apply to clean, dry skin with a cotton pad and allow to dry then apply your foundation. The unique formula will help to prevent moisture from breaking down your makeup.

Mehron Barrier Spray

2. Barrier Spray

You won’t find a better setting spray than Barrier Spray. It’ll seal any type of makeup and make it transfer and water-resistant. So, if you want to wear a full face to the beach or pool you can rest assure your makeup is set for the day!

TouchUp Anti-Shine mattifier

3. Touchup Anti-Shine

This oil absorbing miracle gel mattifies shine instantly! Just dab on top of any high shine areas like the T-zone or chin to remove excess glare. Touchup Anti-Shine is the perfect go-to for summer and fits easily into a clutch or purse.