Shanice Wadell

Shanice found her interest in the Special FX Makeup industry in 2016, but has always been a creative due to her parents providing her with an extremely artistic upbringing. She was first introduced to SFX through SyFy’s Face Off. One day while watching the show her mother said to her, “Shanice, I bet you could do what they are doing, you would do great work”. Shanice says that one sentence sparked her interest in taking up Special Effects Makeup and changed her life forever!


Shanice states that Mehron is always a staple in her SFX looks, Paradise Makeup AQ taking the spotlight as her favorite product.
“Fun Fact: I still have the original containers (now empty of course). I use them for mixing colors as well as pigments with mixing solution, and I also use them to create negative molds and cast mini objects (the round shape is perfect)!” -Shanice Wadell

Shanice's Special FX Staples

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