Winners of the Mehron Cosplay Contest

Winners of the Mehron Cosplay Contest

27th Apr 2020

Anime, Superheroes and Video Game characters have been swarming our Instagram inbox in response to our first ever Cosplay Contest! Needless to say, it was a huge hit as we received hundreds of submissions from some of the most talented artists from around the world. It was certainly difficult to select the finalists from among the amazing entries, but after much debate we finally came to a conclusion for 3 very talented winners.

The contest criteria were quite simple. Create a completely original character within the categories of Anime, Superheroes, and Video Games, post it to Instagram, hashtag (#mehroncosplaycontest), and list the Mehron products used. After the span of a just a month, artists submitted hundreds of their fantastic looks. When it came down to the judging, we studied each submission for adherence to the rules, artistic technique, the varied use of products, and overall creativity.

Check out the 3 talented winners here and read about the inspiration behind their character:

4-27-anime.jpg 4-27-videogame.jpg 4-27-superhero.jpg
Artist: @beiy02
Products: Prisma Blendset in Fleur and Starblend

"This character goes by Haruto Kiyoshi meaning bright like sunlight. Inspired by Japanese Anime because the characters are powerful, smart and artistic."
Artist: @kla_cook
Products: Paradise Makeup AQ in Dijon and Black, Liquid Latex, Metallic Powder in Gold and Silver

"This character is a post-apocalyptic bad*ss. I wanted her to be someone in a dystopian world where you have to be smart and have grit to survive, someone who has seen the travesties of the world, but pushes on in hopes that one day society can rebuild itself."
Artist: @alevtina_soul
Products: Paradise Makeup AQ

"Plasma Woman. My character appeared during a star blast. An unknown cosmic substance flows through her blood, with the help of which she can heat her body to colossally high temperatures. Therefore, she has the superpower to melt everything that touches her hand."