Valentine’s Day Looks

Valentine’s Day Looks

7th Feb 2020

Searching for a last minute Valentine’s Day look? Mehron’s Edge™ Face & Body Makeup is the perfect product to bump up your every day beauty looks to something more fun and festive this month.

This vegan, water activated makeup is completely opaque and blend resistant. You may ask what is so useful about “blend resistant” and when is that something you want? Mehron Edge was designed mainly to create precise line work and crisp edges directly onto the skin or even over body paint that’s already been applied. Let’s say you painted your face white and wanted to add some sharp linework in red. You wouldn’t want the red to blend in with the white and create pink, you’d want both colors to stay true and bold. Edge easily provides that with no fuss. It quickly dries down so you can continue to layer color and not worry about bleeding or blending. 

Getting together with your besties for Galentine’s Day or have a fun date night planned with your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day? Either way, go with a festive makeup theme and give EDGE a try. It’s the ideal makeup for creating a fun pop of color. Try adding a bold red winged liner, or add a few small hearts around the inner or outer corners of your eyes. Check out these two beauties below using Red and White Mehron EDGE for these fun and creative Valentine’s Day looks.