The Blood Breakdown

The Blood Breakdown

16th Jul 2020

Time and time again we’re asked why we have so many different blood formulas, what they do and why two different shades? They’re all great questions and if you need answers, we’re about to give you a full breakdown on what each type does and how to use it.

mehron blood productsLet’s start with our best selling and most versatile blood, Stage Blood. This is your go-to blood for all your drippy, gooey, delicious messy creations! We say delicious because Stage Blood is the only formula you can actually eat, go easy it’s not exactly candy, but it does taste like it! It’s a corn syrup base which is the ingredient you have to thank for that sweet tickle on your taste buds plus it’s what keeps it wet and sticky. Stage Blood will not dry down so it’s perfect for that fresh bite vampire or zombie look.  If you’re looking to use it for that type of character you can purchase our blood capsules, a 12 pack of clear, dissolvable casings that hold the perfect amount of blood for a realistic drip or gushing effect.  You’ll also notice there are two different shades…Bright Arterial and Dark Venous. As a theatrical makeup brand with roots deep into Broadway you need a shade like Bright Arterial so it stands out from far away. It’s the perfect choice for dying clothing as the color of the clothing may make it appear darker so the brighter the blood the better the effect. When a wound is fresh the blood is bright and when the blood has started to dry it’ll darken.  That’s where Dark Venous comes in, it’s perfect for those open wounds that are a few days into healing.

Speaking of healing wounds, lets talk Coagulated Blood. This super sticky and thick consistency blood is best for scab or scrape effects. You won’t experience any dripping or movement with this blood, it dries down a bit to stay in place and is the best choice for a wound where the blood has started to clot.  As we mentioned before when a wound heals the blood darkens so that’s why you won’t see shade options with Coagulated Blood, Dark Venous covers all your special effects needs.

Scream blood by MehronSquirt Blood and Blood Splatter…what’s the difference? The answer is NONE! It’s the exact same water-based formula to create squirts, gushes, and splatter effects.  The different is only the containers, Squirt Blood is available in 3 various squeeze bottles for fresh, runny blood effects. It’s also great for running and pumping through tubes underneath prosthetics and is available in two different shades.  Blood Splatter is in a convenient 1oz. spray pump bottle. You literally need nothing else, just point and press down the nozzle to create perfect splatter effects.  Fun artist trick is to move your hand down in a quick swipe motion while pressing down on the nozzle to get that bludgeoned effect.

As if you don’t have enough reasons to love all these options we’ll give you one more, everything is vegan and cruelty free! We highly recommend using our Barrier Spray beforehand if you tend to be sensitive to highly pigmented makeup and red is one of those shades that can temporarily stain. Barrier Spray will not only protect your skin but prevent staining. 

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