Star Wars Mandalorian Cosplay

Star Wars Mandalorian Cosplay

13th Dec 2019

One of the biggest pop-culture phenomenon’s is blowing up around us in merchandise, collectibles, a brand new TV series and film ready to make its debut on December 20th. Yup, we’re talking Star Wars and it doesn’t stop there. We’re seeing some of the most creative and epic makeup looks pop up all over social media and Mehron Makeup is still the fan favorite for face and body paint.

The topic of many memes and art has been the introduction of The Mandalorian’s newest character The Child, also known as “Baby Yoda”. In the past three weeks we’ve seen some incredible work from full face and body cosplay to intricate lip art. Take a look at these works below.

mehron-star-wars.jpg   mehron-star-wars2.jpg   mehron-star-wars3.jpg

The lip art was created by @ryankellymua using Mehron’s classic Paradise Makeup AQ. The detail is amazing right down to the matching fingernail polish!


Other artists like @capricorrn used Mehron’s newest addition to the face and body paint world…EDGE.


This cosplay combo was created by @lisamarie_murphy also using Paradise Makeup AQ.