SFX Blood Made Easy

SFX Blood Made Easy

22nd May 2020

With so many great options for professional special effects blood Mehron wanted to make it easy to get the most realistic looks at the best value. It can be hard to know which formula and color is best for your look so we decided to simplify the process!


Please welcome the latest addition to Mehron’s special effects line…The Blood Sampler Sets!


Mehron created two options of blood sets that give you a little taste of everything, including an incredible discount! You can start small with the new Essentials Blood Set. This includes 4 bottles of blood: One 0.5 oz Coagulated Blood, a 0.5 oz 3D Gel in Blood Red, a 1 oz Stage Blood in Dark Venous, and a 2 oz Squirt Blood in Bright Arterial. Not only does this give you a variety of formula and color choices but it saves you over 15% when compared to purchasing individually.


The second set is for you pros out there. The Professional Blood Set includes two additional products compared to the Essential Set. Inside the pro set you get a 0.5 oz Coagulated Blood, a 0.5 oz 3D Gel in Blood Red, two 0.5 oz Squirt Bloods in both Bright Arterial AND Dark Venous, and last but not least, two 1 oz Stage Bloods in both Bright Arterial and Dark Venous. This set saves you 20% and is definitely a great bang for your buck, plus you are getting every blood formula in the Mehron line in both shades! This is perfect for the pro artist who will need to mix and match to create the most realistic wound.


Visit the link on our website to shop Mehron’s new Blood Sampler Sets now!




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