Rock A Faux Lip Ring

Rock A Faux Lip Ring

13th Sep 2017

Love the look of a lip ring but don't want to commit? Fake a piercing with metallic makeup! Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown did just that at the Calvin Klein SS18 show. As pointed out, it is easy to try the trend for a day with Mehron's Metallic Powder and Mixing Liquid. Just follow makeup artist Alison Cristofar's six simple steps and you will have a stunning faux lip ring you can wash off.

  1. Apply a nude lipstick. Dip a Q-tip in makeup remover and drag it down the center of your lower lip.
  2. Combine Mixing Liquid and Metallic Powder to create a liquid liner.
  3. Using a pointed brush, apply the metallic mixture in a straight line down the middle of the lower lip.
  4. Make sure the edges are clean by wiping away any feathering with a precision brush dipped in makeup remover.
  5. Apply adhesive (we recommend AdGem) to the back of a crystal (AdGem Tube comes with 12 rhinestones).
  6. Place the crystal in the middle of the faux lip ring and let dry.

Metallic Powder with Mixing Liquid $13.50

AdGem with 12 Rhinestones $9.95


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