Mehron Cosplayers at NY Comic Con

Mehron Cosplayers at NY Comic Con

16th Oct 2019

NY Comic Con was once again packed with gamers and cosplayers this year and it was no surprise to us that almost all of them were using a Mehron product. The team scoped out the floor in search of various cosplayers to chat with and later interview for Instagram Live. Every cosplayer we met up with was using at least one Mehron product. From body paint to beauty staples it’s clear that Mehron is the go-to brand for all of your cosplay desires.


Cosplay isn’t just costume and body paint, sometimes you need such staples as Skin Prep Pro, Barrier Spray or a heavy-duty setting powder to make sure that your look stays in place all day and won’t transfer onto costumes, wigs and accessories.

Here’s a look at some of the talented cosplayers we had the privilege of meeting and interviewing, all of whom were ecstatic to meet the brand in person and volunteer to be featured on our Instagram.  Take a look at @noordinarymakeupmom who actually carried her Paradise Makeup AQ Basic Palette around in her purse for touch ups! The lovely actually used a 1 oz bottle of Liquid Makeup and airbrushed her entire body! Interviewing @luckygrim on IG Live we learned that Mehron Colorset Powder is her saving grace when it comes to extending her makeup and keeping it transfer resistant.