Makeup Sanitization for Professional Artists

Makeup Sanitization for Professional Artists

23rd Jul 2020

A professional makeup artist will always practice the best techniques when it comes to keeping products sanitary and safe for clients. During this time, it’s more crucial than ever. Whether you’re taking on personal clients or back at work, it’s important to have the right tools and solutions to keep things safe and clean.

Mehron Hand Hygein GelLet’s start with our Hand Hygiene Gel.  Maintaining clean hands is a must. It helps in preventing the spread of germs and bacteria to your workstation, makeup, and your clients!  Keep hands clean and germ free with our Hand Hygiene Gel. This formula contains 70% ethyl alcohol to help cleanse while on the go or in between jobs.  The formula is fragrance free and leaves no sticky residue while conditioning the skin with Aloe and Vitamin E. Remember to get in between finger and underneath the nails for maximum benefits.

Brushes are a makeup artists best friend! Keeping your tools clean isn’t only important to maintain proper hygiene, it will also help to prolong the life of your brushes.  Mehron’s Brush Cleaner is a rinse free liquid with a blend of grease cutting solvents to disinfect both natural and synthetic brushes. The formula evaporates quickly so you can move onto the next job with little to no dry time.  

The most important step in proper makeup hygiene is to prevent cross contamination. This means never dipping brushes directly into product or using product directly on skin. For this you will need our cult favorite Stainless-Steel Spatula! Not just a tool for SFX makeup, it’s great for scooping out creams, paints, powders, and more.  Use this sturdy, sleek, double ended tool to remove makeup from containers preventing the spread of bacteria and keeping your products fresh and clean!In the world of professional makeup speed and hygiene are key. So let’s talk about disposables! Makeup jobs can get messy and time consuming so why not make some of the clean up easy with items you can easily toss like our Non-Latex Foam Wedges.  Inexpensive and available in packs of 6 for small jobs or 72 for large jobs, these little babies make life so much easier. Use them once and toss them so clean up is a snap and there’s a zero chance of cross contamination.