Kick up your Super Bowl Party with Body Paint

Kick up your Super Bowl Party with Body Paint

5th Feb 2021

Super Bowl body paint

Staying in to watch the big game doesn't have to be a drag this year. There are plenty of ways to kick up your party whether you're alone, with roommates or family. Grab your favorite snacks, drinks, throw up some fun decor and don't forget your body paint!

Nothing shows off team spirit better than reppin your team colors, and no we're not just talking jerseys and accessories. Body painting is where you can really go crazy! Have you tried our Fantasy FX? It's the perfect go-to product for the Big Game.

Super Bowl body paint with flags

It was formulated specifically for sporting events because of it's convenient 1 oz tube container making it easy to travel with. No mixing mediums or water are needed to activate it, it applies right to the skin! Plus it's available in 18 shades including Gold and Silver so you have every shade you could ever need.

Grab your team colors here


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