How to Practice Your SFX Skills

How to Practice Your SFX Skills

29th Jan 2021

So, you want to practice Special Effects makeup but don’t have any willing models? We have a solution for you!

Mehron Practice Head

The Mehron Practice Head is the perfect addition to your SFX collection and a must have for any new artist! Guaranteed to stay put, not blink, fidget or whine; this professional Practice Head is ideal for honing in on whatever skills you want to perfect.

The Practice Head is made of durable vinyl giving it a smooth texture allowing for easy application and blending. It’s also washable! Whatever you put on can be easily remove with makeup remover and alcohol. Some pigments have a tendency to stain the surface more than others, so be sure to check out the care instructions sent with the head for proper prepping and removal.

The Practice Head will take waxes, gelatins, latex, paints, blood and more. You can even sculpt out and prep prosthetics on the head to be applied to your face later!

Purchase with our Special FX All-Pro Makeup Kit and you can save $10.00. The kit comes with everything you need to color, splatter, sculpt and layer to bring your wildest SFX dreams to life.


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