House of Mehron Digital Learning

House of Mehron Digital Learning

3rd Apr 2020

You may have noticed that Mehron is bumping up their Live presence on social media lately and its all for the sake of art, teaching and learning.

During these tough times we need a way to bring the artist community together, but if we can’t actually gather together in one space how can we connect?  Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram we’ve found an amazing way to connect with our following in a fun, intimate, and creative way.
Instagram Live has given us a platform to reach our almost half a million followers by going live each day.  The Mehron team creates a weekly schedule of livestream events in advance which touches on all sorts of great subjects. We’ve had special effects demos, color swatches, application tutorials, tips, tricks, artist secrets, special guests, and of course, Q&A’s.
It’s been a joy connecting with likeminded artists and getting to know them.  We’ve seen quite a few well-known names pop up as well and brand-new artists eager to expand their horizons.  It’s not only a learning experience for our following, but for us at Mehron as well.  We’re hearing about what our followers want to see, their interests, their favorites, and even a few innovative ways to use our products.  

We encourage you to join in our IG town halls! Visit @mehronmakeup to view our lives and connect with us.  Below you can see our latest upcoming schedule.  The updated schedule is also available on our website at  Get your questions and Mehron products ready and drop in to recreate looks with us! We promise it’ll be a good time and you’ll walk away knowing something new about your favorite brand!


Pamela Faller
Marketing Coordinator
Product Specialist/MUA


Katie Perez
Marketing Manager
Product Specialist/MUA



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