Hot Cosplay Looks

Hot Cosplay Looks

27th Feb 2020

One of the hottest looks to recreate in the world of Cosplay is Harley Quinn. In the most recent version of the character from the film Birds of Prey, we see Harley Quinn showcasing a brighter colored, funky twist to her outfit and makeup. Mehron has all of the products you need from face to body paint and even hair color to recreate the look as if you were walking onto the movie set!

The film portrays her in a few different makeup styles, but social media is loving her hot pink lids and bedazzled left brow. Here are some great tips on how to get this latest Harley Quin look.

To recreate her bold eyes, start with iNtense Pressed Pigments in Hot Pink. Pack the shade heavily onto the center of the lid and blend out. Next line the lower lashline with Mehron’s EYE Pencil in Black. Add a small amount of iNtense Pressed Pigment in Carbon and buff the Black out to create a smudged look. Coat the lashes heavily with a generous application of Brazen Mascara. The brows should be fluffy and full using Mehron’s Pro Brow Palette. Use Mehron’s AdGem above the left brow. This powerful latex free adhesive comes with 12 Swarovski crystals that you can place directly onto the brow. Evenly space them out along the left brow using a small dab of AdGem.

The skin should be left pale and matte. Try Mehron’s Celebre Pro-HD cream foundation and set with Celebre Pro-HD Loose Mineral Finishing Powder. If you’re on the oily side of the skin spectrum, use Celebre Pro-HD Pressed Powder. You don’t want to forget the dark lips, Mehron’s L.I.P. Cream in “All Nighter” is the perfect shade.

For the finishing touch, you’ll want to create her signature facial tattoos with Paradise Makeup AQ in Black and a small amount of water. Using a Detail Brush, paint the iconic heart beneath the right eye and the word “Rotten” along the right jawline.

Mehron has two temporary options for coloring your hair that work great. The pigment will show up brighter on light hair, but you can absolutely use these options on dark hair as well. iNtense Pressed Pigments in Hot Pink and Ignite are the perfect shades of pink and blue to lightly tint the hair and create a more pastel version. If you want the shades to pop use Paradise Makeup AQ in Lagoon Blue and Dark Pink.

With this easy to recreate look, you are sure to wow them on social media or at Comic-con!