Early Holiday Shopping Starts Now!

Early Holiday Shopping Starts Now!

6th Nov 2020

Want to get ahead on some of your shopping for the season?

Why not start with tools and accessories? What good is your Mehron Makeup without the proper tools to apply them?From now until November 12th you can score 20% all brushes, sponges, puffs and more!

If you’re shopping for the beauty artist in your life you can save big on staples like our Kabuki brush and Smoothie Sponge, both perfect for apply our Celebre Pro HD Pressed Powder or Cream.Don’t forget about our 10-piece Pro Beauty Brush Set that includes 9 synthetic beauty brushes perfect for completing a full face all in a fold up leatherette case to keep them protected and sanitary.

Maybe you need to shop for the SFX lover, we have lots of great products they’ll love.When it comes to special effects it’s all about practice and what better way to practice various wounds, blood and skin discolorations than on our Practice Head? Not many will sit still for a full face of sfx makeup so the Practice Head really comes in handy. It’s guaranteed to sit still and never run out of patience.This washable model is deal for perfecting techniques and easily cleans up without all the soaking and scrubbing. Don’t forget about application tools like our Stipple Sponge, perfect for creating odd skin textures or creating scrapes.

Pro Beauty Brush Set

If you’re only looking for body paint options, we have two beautiful brush sets to choose from. The Paradise Makeup AQ Brush Set and Mark Reid Brush Set, both designed by world renowned body paint artists. These brushes pair perfectly with our Paradise Makeup AQ allowing for smooth application and come in plenty of styles to create various designs and linework.

In a time when sanitation is more important than ever, you’ll want to take advantage of our Hygiene products. Our Hand Hygiene Gel is a must have for anyone, especially a pro makeup artist to use in between clients.Tools like our Stainless-Steel Spatula and Brush Cleaner are necessary for keeping work stations, cosmetics and tools sanitized and fresh.

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