Art in Times of Crisis

Art in Times of Crisis

16th Jan 2020

We’re all affected by our environment. The disaster in Australia has us all heartbroken even if we’re not close by. The photos circulating, the news coverage, and speaking to loved ones who live in the area is enough to shake anyone. The question is what can we do in times like this?

An important way to help when disaster strikes is to research and raise awareness of the tragedy. The more people know the more we can collectively support and help as a whole. It’s been overwhelming seeing all of the artwork pouring into our feeds and how artists are using their talents to inspire, raise awareness, help and share their stories.

We would like to continue to raise awareness by sharing with you some of the beautiful and moving pieces we’ve come across of artists using their Mehron paints and colors to share their stories. We hope the artwork inspires you to share, donate, raise awareness, give, take action, do whatever is in your heart to help.

My home is BURNING. Australia is BURNING


Burning Heroes

“My home is BURNING. Australia is BURNING”
Visit his Instagram to read his full caption and moving story. He encourages everyone to donate and lists 5 organizations with direct links.


“Burning Heroes”
Visit her Instagram post to read her horrific story and how it inspired her to create this art to raise awareness.





She lists some very important stats on the disaster under the caption in her Instagram post as well as a link in her bio where you can donate.


She raises awareness by dedicating her very first makeup look for 2020 to Australia and all whom are affected.