31 Days Week 1 Finalists

31 Days Week 1 Finalists

4th Oct 2019

We have our first round of finalists!

We’re one week into October and have received over 1,000 submissions for our 31 Days of Mehron Halloween Contest. From what we can see everyone is stepping up their game this year and coming to play. Picking finalists has been extremely difficult! These four insanely talented artists showcase everything from glam to gore. Prepare yourself for some serious Halloween makeup inspiration!


October 1st

Amanda Marie @ohamarie

“Floating Eyeball”


The 2019 finalists kick off with an illusion makeup you won’t be able to unsee! Amanda Marie is a multifaceted artist that not only works in FX and beauty makeup, but also visual arts and dance! Her work ranges from stunningly beautiful to horrifyingly creepy. Amanda used our Paradise Makeup AQTM, Liquid Latex, ProColorRingTM Bruise Wheel to create this look.  



October 2nd

Roxana Letelier @roxana_letelier

“Zombie Nurse”

Roxana is an incredibly talented body painter from Chile. Her technique is to layer many colors, and the end result is always an intricate and colorful makeup! For this look Roxana started with a base layer of CreamblendTM Stick in Green and layered on Brown to create dimension and shadows. Yellow and Orange Paradise Makeup AQTM were used as a base for the mouth and nose, which made the contrasting color scheme really pop!



October 3rd

Rahulska Marharyta @margo.horror_beauty

“Terminator in Wonderland”


Ukrainian artist Rahulska Marharyta creates whimsical makeup looks that are out of this world! This look was inspired by the newest Terminator movie, but took the color scheme from Netflix series Altered Carbon to create this colorful cyborg. The fine detailing in the skull made of gears was done with our Black and White Paradise Makeup AQTM.


October 4th

Manny Rey @Mannyreymakeup

“Circus Clown Body Paint”


Manny’s artistry covers everything from full glam, cosplay, to body painting! This makeup was inspired by clowns in the circus. The attention to detail in the look and layering of color brings this character to life! To create the look Manny used Paradise Makeup AQTM, Metallic Powder, and Clown White Lite (which has been a beloved product in the pro clown industry for decades!)

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Check out contest details and how to participate in our Halloween fun here.