31 Days of Mehron Halloween Week 4 Finalists

31 Days of Mehron Halloween Week 4 Finalists

25th Oct 2019

We are getting to the end of our 31 Days of Mehron Halloween Contest Submissions are flooding in on Instagram and it is hauntingly beautiful.
This week’s all-star group of finalists exude incredible talent. We see everything from Halloween glam, to cosplay makeup, gore and more!
What are you going to be this Halloween? Not sure? Get the look from one of these amazing artists!


October 19th
Tyler Preyer @Tyler.Preyer

Tyler is a professional makeup artist from Arizona that creates both beautiful glam looks on her clients and creepy cosplays on herself! For this look she wanted to recreate the mask of legendary horror icon Jason Voorhees. What is so crazy about this cosplay makeup is the attention to detail that Tyler put into creating an old distressed look to the mask. By layering White, Red, Black, and Brown Paradise Makeup AQ she was able to transform her face into a terrifyingly life like recreation. She finished off the look by adding Stage Blood to her prop knife, because no Halloween look is complete without a little bit of blood!.  



October 20th
Danni  @capricorrn
 “Lily – The Evil Within”

Halloween is the season to bring on the gory and gross makeup. Danni’s submission took it to the extreme! Danni is an artist from San Diego California who creates gorgeous makeups often based on her favorite video games.  This bloody masterpiece was inspired by Lily from the video game The Evil Within. Danni painted on this eerily realistic wound using Paradise Makeup AQ.



October 21st  
Kaylee Britton @Dekaylee_Salemmassacre
Photographer – Rachel Britton

Kaylee is a drag artist and illustrator from Grand Rapids Michigan. Kaylee was “inspired to incorporate my traditional art skills into a makeup piece!” The ears were painted on sketchbook paper and the look is meant to paper like an illustration using bold lines and painterly highlights. This Avant Garde bat was created using our Clown White and Fire iNtense Pro Pigment Palette.


October 22nd  
Baylee Madison @bayleemadisonmakeup
“The Twilight Zone””

The original Twilight Zone television show was created in 1959 and was shot entirely in black and white. It’s five seasons have become science fiction staples and inspired the Sci-Fi and Horror genre for decades to come! This tribute to the iconic show was created by Colorado based artist Baylee Madison. Baylee is an artist that does it all – beauty, FX, & bodypainting! No matter what genre she is working in she always adds a dose of horror! Baily hand painted this grayscale makeup using our Mimi Choi Illusion palette.


October 23rd  
Aleszandra Tellez @muah_alix
“Spooky Slime Girl”

Alix is a professional makeup artist from Houston Texas who does beauty and FX for TV, Film, Print, and more. Slime is hot this Halloween, we have seen thousands of toxic recreations of Desi Perkins Melting Face.  This stunning makeup look was inspired by an illustration entitled Spooky Slime Girl by artist @Serendipitytheartist. To create this look Alix used Paradise Makeup AQ in Light Purple, Black, and Pink.


October 24th
Daniel Gutierrez @dannieeeg
“Mileena X Mortal Kombat”

Daniel is an insanely talented micro influencer from Louisiana. On his channels he creates stunning cosplay, illusion, and glam makeups. He created this look based on Mortal Kombat character Mileena – Evil twin of Princess Kitana. He says “I always used to pick the girl characters in fighting games. Now I paint myself into them.” and boy he slays! Daniel used  Paradise Makeup AQ and Clown White to create this killer cosplay.



October 25th
Saskia Behiendt @khaleesiisaa
“Donut Skull”

Saskia is a makeup artist from Germany who always thinks outside of the box when creating her looks. Inspired by the art of @mr.bloodshed Saskia says “In a world on plain bagels be a sprinkled doughnut. At Halloween it’s time to think about your inner emptiness, you can try to cover it with sweet sprinkles, but it won’t vanish!”. Saskia often uses our 3-D Gel in her work to create texture and give her creations dimension and depth.

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