31 Days of Mehron Halloween Week 3 Finalists

31 Days of Mehron Halloween Week 3 Finalists

21st Oct 2019

Week 3 of 31 Days of Mehron Halloween Contest is complete! So far, we have received over 5,000 submissions and choosing finalists has not been easy. This week’s winners show off originality and amazing execution in these creepy, cute, gory, and beautiful cosplays and makeups.

Need some ideas of what to be for Halloween this year?

Check out our Week 3 Finalists below to get inspired:


October 12th
DevAnn DiOrio
“Lydia Deetz”

DevAnn puts an original spin on the classic Beetlejuice costume by creating a painterly version of Lydia Deetz. She was "Inspired by @lilacbat and the incredible artwork of @dustinbailard, I bring to you my darling Lydia." DevAnn’s artistry is avant-garde and whimsical, and she often adds a gothic style to her characters that make them hauntingly beautiful. For this look she used Clown White as a base and added Paradise Makeup AQ on top to add color.  



October 13th
Cris Alex

Week 3’s finalists brought some killer cosplays including Billy from Hocus Pocus by Cris Alex. She has an amazing way of playing with highlights and shadows in a look to bring it to life.

Cris says "Hocus Pocus is such a classic. Billy had always had a special place in my heart!" and we couldn’t agree more! This look was created using Paradise Makeup AQ, our new EDGE™ Face and Body Makeup, and StarBlend™ Cake Makeup.



October 14th
Krista Krautner
“Eaten Alive”

Krista is a self-taught artist from Michigan who creates crazy illusions and stunning face and body paintings. For this look the artist wanted to capture "Beetles been eating me from the inside out, a little retro glam gore." And the final result is absolutely terrifying! Krista used Paradise Makeup AQ  and Stage Blood to create this makeup.


October 15th
 Jeri Miller
“Crypt Keeper”

Nothing says Halloween more than the classic horror host The Crypt Keeper! This stunning cosplay was created by New York based artist Jeri Miller. She says "This piece is based on the iconic Crypt Keeper. I wanted to give him a more painterly style and was inspired by the work of @zacharyjacksonbrownart." Jeri creates gorgeously horrifying cosplays and face and body paintings. For this look she used Paradise Makeup AQ  for everything from the decaying face to his fancy tux.


October 16th
Katie Cole
“Wednesday Addams”

Katie is a professional face and body painter from Los Angeles, California. Katie creates amazing cosplay paints all year long, but we love her series of artistic skeletons. She creates detailed skeletons in every theme, color, and for every occasion! For this Halloween skeleton she wanted to create a "twisted take on a classic character, fully body painted with only white and black Paradise Makeup AQ and one black shadow." This makeup would make Wednesday and the entire Addams family proud.


October 17th
Kim Witte
“Pickett the Bowtruckle”

Kim is an SFX and Beauty Makeup artist from Wisconsin. She is a true cosplay queen that creates beautifully detailed makeup looks of her favorite characters! For this look she transformed into a character from Fantastic Beasts using Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ and Clown White.  She says “I transformed into Pickett the Bowtruckle from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It honestly was a dream come true! I wish I could have a real Bowtruckle with all my heart. They are so cute!”. Check out her tutorial on this look here:



October 18th
Nicollitte Reyes
“Carved Creepy Lady”


Nikki is a face and body painter from Las Vegas. Her work embodies the Halloween spirit and can quickly go from gruesome horror cosplays to gorgeous avant-garde beauty! This look was inspired by the Japanese horror film Carved: The Slit-Mouthed Woman. She used Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ in storm and black to create depth and shadow this look.

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