31 Days of Halloween - Oct. 7

31 Days of Halloween - Oct. 7

7th Oct 2020

Artist Deja'Monet Julius @daelikedat from Lanham, MD used quite the array of Mehron products for this very cool Bio-hazard look she created. She was inspired by artist Hannah Cunningham @__empty_alien and a look she created on BBC's Glow Up. Intrigued by the bio-hazard symbol she researched more safety symbols and came across a lot of hazard spiral tunnels that she found hypnotic. Using her Paradise Makeup AQ paints in Yellow and Black, Illusion Palette and Colorset Powder she painted up this swirled design across her shoulders and chest to create a memorizing pattern. We love the inspiration behind this and the cool optical illusion effect it has. Let's not forget about the insane blending and detail around the eyes that appear to be glowing.



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