31 Days of Halloween - Oct. 6

31 Days of Halloween - Oct. 6

6th Oct 2020

#6 31 Days winner

Rosalie Parnes @wink818 from Singapore is quite an imaginative artist! We've been loving this trend of mashups lately in the makeup world, but she took it to another level. Her "Franken Tinman" is a combination of the classic Wizard of Oz character Tinman and classic horror character Frankenstein's Monster. We found this to be a fascinating pair of two very different characters that work beautifully together. Her attention to detail in the highlights, shading and rusty texture is stunning and all comes together with this dark, but warm lighting. She crafted the hat and bolts on the neck from foam sheet and used Metallic Powder in Silver with Mixing Liquid to paint them. The base paint on the face, neck, and body is Paradise Makeup AQ in Storm Cloud. The final outcome is a rather inventive creature who looks somewhat creepy and misunderstood, but is probably a gentle soul beneath it all. We absolutely love it!