31 Days of Halloween - Oct. 5

31 Days of Halloween - Oct. 5

5th Oct 2020

31 Days Mehron Bat

This albino bat look by Lisa Street @disturb_fx from the UK is everything! Where do we even start? The creativity, application, products? Let's start with just how cool the overall look is and the fact that she posted it upside down. Lisa used ALL Mehron products to create this starting with Liquid Latex that she mixed with flour to create the facial prosthetic. The ears were adhered using cardboard and acrylic paints. The rest of the look was polished off using Paradise Makeup AQ, Castor Sealer and Setting Powder. Her inspiration was drawn from her love of bats and the unique white and pink hues of albino bats. We loved it the moment we laid eyes on it and wasted no time choosing her as a finalist.


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