31 Days of Halloween - Oct. 22

31 Days of Halloween - Oct. 22

22nd Oct 2020

31 Days winner #22

Cassie Gillespie @cassiegillespie from Ireland submitted a look featuring Gizmo from Gremlins and we're living for it. Let's break down how she created this look. She started with a bald cap and painted a full white base all over it down onto her neck and chest. The face of Gizmo was painted with our Paradise Makeup AQ 30 Color Palette starting at her browns and down onto her nose, which in our opinion is perfect placement! The thought that went into mapping this out onto her face is mind boggling...her actual eyes create a natural shadow to look like Gizmo's eyebrows and the mouth painted onto the tip of her nose gives an incredible 3D effect. The ears and body of Gizmo are paper cutouts that were also painted with Paradise and adhered to the sides of her face and directly under her nose. What a cool and creative way to create character makeup!! Lets talk about that Gremlin hand and the detail!! If you've seen this classic film you know that there are 3 rules to having a Mogwai as a pet 1. Don't feed them after midnight, 2. Don't expose them to light and 3. Don't get them wet!!! Clearly this Gremlin hand is up to no good and we're loving how it all ties together with the makeup to tell a story. This is so creative and well executed!


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