31 Days of Halloween - Oct. 21

31 Days of Halloween - Oct. 21

21st Oct 2020

31 Days winner #21

Kate Valentine @katevalentinee from the UK has a super unique style when it comes to her face paint designs. She's known for her photo realistic paintings usually placed in the very center of her face with subjects anywhere from cartoons to pop culture. She's no stranger to Paradise Makeup AQ and we love how she applies it, thick layers of super saturated color that make her designs look like a paper cut outs placed onto her face. When we saw her version of Frankenstein's Monster we were in awe. Using her Paradise Makeup AQ of course, she painted her entire face and neck for this look creating a more painterly and stylized version of the character. Her inspiration for this was her love for horror movies and the unique monsters in them, specifically Jack Pierce's version of Frankenstein's monster. She wanted to pair this iconic look with something more bold and colorful and there you have it, our finalist for October 21st!


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