31 Days of Halloween - Oct. 20

31 Days of Halloween - Oct. 20

20th Oct 2020

31 Days #20 winner

Iris Bodypaint @iris_bodypaint from Italy has proven to be quite the illusion mastermind in our contest this year. We are obsessing over the Jack in the Box illusion look she created using our Creamblend sticks and Paradise Makeup AQ. The artist was inspired by the vintage children's toy, but wanted to portray it in a more horrific way. For those who aren't scared of clowns this is a work of dark art whereas those that are envisioned the clown to be demonic the entire time! In a way its someone's worst nightmare come true. That's what we love about this look, that she took something playful and turned it into a haunted dream. How she even mapped this out to paint it so the spring and box make sense and are in the right location on her body is beyond us! We love everything about it and absolutely commend this artist for attempting such a challenging body paint.


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