31 Days of Halloween - Oct. 15

31 Days of Halloween - Oct. 15

15th Oct 2020

31Days winner #15

Timothy Mcintosh @redmac27 from Cathedral City, CA is a big fan of all things Horror, much like us. We love a good Zombie and Timothy certainly wowed up with makeup skills. Let's start with the products used...Creamblend, Liquid Latex, Stage Blood and Paradise Makeup AQ a perfect combo of color and texture that he blended together to create this absolutely stunning undead complexion. We love the small patches of green, dark grey and spidery veins that are scattered across the neck and chest. He created the perfect shade of Zombie with these colors! The special effects created with the latex and blood look like actual torn skin giving this Zombie a super creepy vibe that looks like it could leap write out of the screen and bite you.


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