31 Days of Halloween - Oct. 14

31 Days of Halloween - Oct. 14

14th Oct 2020

31 Days #14 winner

Rubi Gray @munstersnmakeup from Angleton TX is quite the crafty artist. Everything in this photo from makeup to props she hand made! Let's get right down to the makeup and this concept. Bride of Nosferatu, what a beautiful concept! The artist tells us Nosferatu is one of her favorite vampires of all time and that she wanted to create a classic horror character, but in female form. That alone caught our attention. She used our Bald Cap and Liquid Latex to create that smooth bald head which she then painted with Paradise Makeup AQ in white for the pale complexion and used Red and Dark Blue to create the veins. The dress, props and background were all hand made between her and her husband and we are in absolute awe. What a beautiful design and story, all perfectly executed.


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