31 Days of Halloween - Oct. 10

31 Days of Halloween - Oct. 10

10th Oct 2020

31 Days winner #10

Dailyn Robaina @dailynrobaina from Coral Springs FL did an amazing recreation of artist @fakehauswives "Child" drawing. We love when an artist brings a 2D illustration to 3D life. Inspired by the artists drawing, she wanted to recreate it with makeup and certainly did an outstanding job bringing the colors to life and intricate detail to each insect. She used her Paradise Makeup AQ in Black and White to highlight and shade around each insect to create the illusion of them popping off the skin. The creepiness and realism of the bugs paired with the bold, almost clown-like colored makeup makes for a very striking image. We love how it came out and how it's open to interpretation. Some may find it creepy and odd whereas others may see it as colorful and playful. We find both aspects in this look and can't get enough!


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