3 Ways to Get Creative this Valentine’s Day

3 Ways to Get Creative this Valentine’s Day

22nd Jan 2021

This Valentine’s Day will look a little different since we can’t go about our usual routines. We have a few ideas on how to liven up your holiday whether you’re spending it alone or with a partner.

Liquid Makeup by Mehron

You may have seen this viral Body Paint trend going around on Tik Tok. Use Mehron’s Liquid Makeup to create a lasting piece of art! This highly pigmented water-based formula is perfect for this type of project. Just grab a sheet of canvas paper or water color paper and cover yourself or partner in the paint color of your choosing. Paint, sponge or pour the paint directly on skin and lay onto your canvas. The prints you leave behind are yours to cherish. Allow the paint to dry, seal with protective setting spray then display your work.

Liquid Makeup for Valentines Day

If this trend doesn’t appeal to you turn yourself into the canvas. Strip down and paint yourself or have your partner paint you. Try on different colors, play with lighting, grab your camera and strike interpretive poses. It’s all about body positivity and liberating yourself! Learn to feel more comfortable in your skin and accentuate the parts you like best about yourself.

Turn up the fun by turning off the lights! If the 14 bold and colorful shades of Liquid Makeup just aren’t doing it for you then try our Glow in the Dark! Charge up the paint by placing under a lamp or in natural light for an hour then hit the lights. Paint in complete darkness using your imagination. Turn up the heat with our two Blacklight reactive shades in Glow Blue and Glow Orange. These two shades only work in blacklight and are immensely fun! Paint all over face, body and even in the hair! They’ll make for some amazing photos to commemorate a night of exploration.