3 Longwear Makeup Tips and Tricks

3 Longwear Makeup Tips and Tricks

22nd Feb 2021

In need of a few tricks to increase the wear of your makeup? Worried about your makeup rubbing off onto your mask? We have 3 helpful tips so you can keep your makeup on all day without worrying about transfer or touchups.


1. Barrier Spray
This clear makeup sealer isn’t just used to mist over your body paint, it works great for beauty too! Just spray onto your Smoothie Sponge and dab over your foundation to keep it locked and transfer proof. By doing this you’re creating a heavier and smoother seal.

Mixing Liquid

2. Mixing Liquid
Most artists use this to thin out Liquid Makeup or mix with Metallic Powders, but did you know it will work as a fixative on top of your lip color? No need to worry about your lip color smearing onto your mask anymore. Just take a dry brush and dip into Mixing Liquid then dab on top of your lip color to create a transfer proof pucker.

Skin Prep Pro

3. Skin Prep Pro
Not too many know about the other uses for Skin Prep Pro. It’s not just for the face, but for the body as well. If you’re into body contouring or using bronzers you’ll definitely want to prep the area first by swiping the skin with a cotton pad soaked in Skin Prep Pro. Keep your body makeup put by doing this so it won’t smear onto clothing if you get sweaty, especially if you’re wearing white! Ladies, this works particularly well if you get a little misty in the cleavage area.


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