3 Different ways to Transform Makeup

3 Different ways to Transform Makeup

12th Feb 2021

There’s no product more versatile than Mehron’s Mixing Liquid. This clear, alcohol-based formula can transform anything from glitter to pigments. It’s truly a staple you don’t want missing from your kit.

1. Use it as an adhesive.

No need for messy, sticky glues that are harsh on your skin and tough to remove. Just dip a brush into Mixing Liquid and then loose glitter, tap off any excess and pat right onto the skin. Rest assured your glitters are staying put! There’s no fall out, no creasing, no mess. Use on the eyelids, cheeks or to top off a bold lip color.

2. Turn shimmer pigments in liquid metal.

Any loose shimmer pigment can be transformed into a gorgeous liquid metal paint in seconds. We recommend pouring a small amount of your shimmer pigment, like Precious Gems or Metallic Powder, into a small container then top off with a small drizzle of Mixing Liquid. Mix the two together with a brush and you have an absolutely stunning liquid version of your favorite powders to use as liners, body paint and more.

3. Create your own airbrush makeup

This can go two ways. If you already have an airbrush paint, but find its too thick and you need to thin it out you can dilute with a little Mixing Liquid. If you have something like Mehron’s Liquid Makeup and mix equal parts of Mixing Liquid with it you now have an airbrush paint. Just premix ahead of time and pour right into your airbrush applicator.

There’s no limit to what you can do with Mixing Liquid. Whichever way you choose to use it you’re creating a water-resistant seal for extreme long wear. Grab a bottle and get creative!

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