Paradise Makeup AQ™ Brush Set and Brush Holder


Brush Set and Holder








Mehron's 8-Piece Paradise Makeup AQ™ Brush Set and Brush Holder is a must-have for any makeup enthusiast or pro artist. This set includes 8 synthetic Paradise brushes designed to perfectly complement Mehron's Paradise Makeup AQ™. The range of brush sizes and shapes including large body, flat, precision, and round brushes - ensure that you have the right tool for any face or body paint.

Each set includes the Pro Brush Holder and the Paradise brushes: 810 - Super Fine Point, 818 - Petal Tip, 812 - 1/8 Flat Versatile, 816 - Wide Chisel, 814 - Medium Round, 830 - Body Chisel, 840 - Prisma Small 1/2", 841 - Prisma Medium 3/4"

The Pro Brush Holder (9’’x 2.75’’ x 2.75’’) is designed to keep your brushes organized and easily accessible while protecting them from damage and germs. The brush holder top also doubles as a cup for water! Simply fill one side with water, one side with your brushes, and dip while using your body paints. Available with or without brushes.

How to use:

Flip the top of the Brush Holder upside down and fill it with water. Dip brushes into the water to activate your Paradise Makeup AQ™ and to rinse them. When finished painting, we recommend cleaning brushes with Mehron Brush Cleaner and waiting for the brushes to dry before closing the container.

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