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Thank you for visiting Mehron Makeup, the home of Professional Makeup made in the USA from our exclusive formulas. Mehron was founded in 1927 by Mehron Melik who began producing Professional Theatrical Makeup by hand for the Performers of his day. Over eight decades later, Mehron is still producing Professional Performance Makeup with quality ingredients in the USA. Mehron Makeup has applied the knowledge it has gained from eight decades of Professional Theatrical Makeup production to all aspects of Makeup Application, including the Makeup Applicators, Makeup Removers and Professional Makeup Accessories.

In our Studio and Stage Makeup section, you will find the Professional Performance Makeup and Special Effects Makeup that has been used by the performers of stage and screen for over eight decades. Professional Makeup Artists all over the world have always relied on the quality, durability and innovation of Mehron Professional Performance Makeup. From our original StarBlend advanced formula cake makeup to our new Velvet Finish Primer, you can count on Mehron.

Mehron loves a clown, that's why we have been producing and innovating Professional Clown Makeup for over eighty years. Experience our Clown Makeup and see for yourself why Clowns love Mehron, from our Clown White Face Makeup to our vibrant ProFACE Clown Base, we have all the clown makeup that clowns adore, we even cover their nose with our professional clown nose.

Because of our expertise in Theatrical Makeup, Mehron produces the quality Character Makeup Kits that provides you with all the essential makeup needed to become a character from a Cat to a Vampire for stage, parties or Halloween. Mehron Makeup is the most sought after Halloween Makeup in the world because it is the exact same Makeup used to create the Characters of stage and screen, it is durable, professional makeup. If you need Costume Makeup or Halloween Makeup, Mehron has the safe, quality, non-toxic makeup for you.

Mehron, Leaders in Theatrical Makeup since 1927, is also the Innovator of Extreme Beauty Makeup. We have applied the knowledge gained from making performance makeup to the production of Extreme Beauty Makeup We produce our beautiful makeup in a wide array of lush, vibrant, sexy, exciting colors for your lips, eyes and face. Work makeup, special occasion makeup and sexy makeup are all a part of our exciting Extreme Beauty Makeup.

Mehron has the most extensive collection of Face Painting Makeup, Body Painting Makeup and Character Makeup in the Makeup Industry. Professional Makeup Kits and Educational Makeup Tools for students and aspiring performers of all kinds are available at Mehron. As you browse our Makeup Collections, our colorful photos will show you the amazing Makeup Ideas that you can create with Mehron. We will let you in on Makeup Trade Secrets and show you the Professional Makeup Accessories used by the World's leading Makeup Artists and Special Effects Artists throughout the entertainment industry.

Mehron has been the leading Makeup sought after by the stars of Studio and Stage since 1927, now it is available to the greatest star in the world, YOU!