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Argenis Pinal




Argenis Pinal

He may be Glam Master, but Argenis Pinal was a Mehron Boy first. We always knew he had what it takes to be the next big name in the beauty world, and now thanks to Lifetime's new competition series everyone else does as well. Argenis might be known for his iconic superhero looks that are created with Mehron's Paradise Makeup AQ, but his talents extend way beyond his comic book creations. He is truly a makeup artist with diverse capabilities. In addition to talent, Argenis embodies the Mehron Boy spirit. He stays true to his art and makes his own rules.

Q and A

Mehron: How does it feel to have been our first official Mehron Boy?
Argenis: It feels great to have been the first Mehron Boy because I feel like through my journey I have inspired many others to do things they never thought about.

Mehron: Where do you draw general inspiration from?
Argenis: My favorite source is personal experiences, emotions, and feelings. I use this approach for all of my self-portraits. It feels very safe to visualize what you wouldn’t say out loud. Despite there are quite a few moody and dark pieces, majority of my self portraits reflect a woman I’d like to become, not necessarily I am at the moment. It is my way of dreaming and visualizing aspirations.

Mehron: Could you share your experience working with Mehron products?
Argenis: I remember the very first time I saw Mehron at IMATS when I was still in beauty school and my first purchase was the Tattoo CoveRing and I loved it. And it was there where I remember seeing the Paradise paints for the first time, but back then it wasn’t anything of my interest. Years later, I had the interest in face and body painting. When I finally got a hold of the product after working with other brands, Paradise was the brand that gave me the best pay off and l loved all the colors. I have been working with Mehron brand since then.

Mehron: How did you break into the makeup industry?
Argenis: I broke into the industry at about age 23 when I really stared to get busy doing makeup for brides and taking more and more appointments. Then, at 25, I decided to go into cosmetology to be able to offer more to my clients. I offered the whole package deal to my brides. Doing hair and makeup with them was fun, but then realized I had to concentrate on either hair OR makeup because the pressure to finish both got harder and harder. I always wanted to work in Hollywood - it was always a dream growing up. So, in the back of my head I always had that drive to push myself to accomplish that even if I had to change my face into a creature or pop art or whatever came into my head. Then I joined Instagram and decided to turn it into a work platform to show my talent.

Mehron: What is your first makeup memory?
Argenis: I have so many makeup memories that were not the best from when I was a kid lol, but if I can point out one when I first started body painting I used nothing but regular makeup to attempt body painting. It was a Superman comic book outlined type of body paint, and I used a small cream eyeliner to do the lines on my model and I ended up using three little containers -and this was just to create lines! There was another time when I wanted to cover more of the body, so I attempted to use cream blush lol. It was the worst idea ever because it never set and it would easily smear everywhere, but I tried lol…….

Mehron: What do you do to continually hone your craft?
Argenis: You know as an artist you always have to reinvent yourself and update or push the skills. You have to always stay ahead of the game and continue to make yourself stand out. As a makeup artist, I wanted to grow and know more about product. I love to push boundaries and see what can be done. You have to make up your own rules as well. That's what makes all artist different because we all have different ways of working, that's what makes us unique.

Mehron: You utilize Mehron’s Paradise Makeup AQ in so many of your looks. Why are you drawn to this product?
Argenis: It’s such a beautiful brand and I love all the colors and you really get what you want with each stroke. So, they have always been my to go product to cause a statement with my looks. People are always drawn to my looks and it’s the makeup and vibrancy of the product.

Mehron: Do you have any advice for up and coming artists?
Argenis: Yes. As we develop our ways in doing makeup, everyone is unique because we all work so different and have our own ways of applying makeup. So, we all end up doing what feels right for us and that’s where “Makeup Your Own Rules” comes from. My advice to all artists would be to step out of the box, to try new things and don’t be afraid to be creative and get familiar with as many products as they can. Stepping out of the box in my past three years of doing face painting and body painting, on top of my already 14 years of experience as a makeup artist, was what gave me the confidence to win [Glam Masters]. I take pride in that and I’m really happy with this accomplishment.
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