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Paloma Romo

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Let us introduce you to the incredibly talented Paloma Romo. Starting as a department store beauty consultant 15 years ago, Paloma is now a rising star in the industry. She has worked on editorial shoots for celebrity fashion houses Michael Costello and MT Costello and such publications as People, SoHo, Dolce, Remark, Alchemist, Institute, Alter, On Makeup Magazine, and more. Her work, which was photographed by fashion photographer Jackie Gallardo, was recently featured in a six-page spread in The Makeup Artist Magazine.  

Recognizing her talent, in 2015, Paloma was invited to her first New York Fashion Week by her idol Yadim Carranza MUA. She worked alongside Yadim on the shows of Donna Karan, Chromat, Baja East, Jonathan Simkai, Jason Wu, as well as together with Mehron for Hanley Melon and Saunder.

Our featuring Paloma as a Spotlight Artist demonstrates the power of social media. Mehron’s Creative Director, Stephanie Koutikas, saw Paloma’s work on Instagram. Paloma had posted an editorial she collaborated on with Jackie. She had used Celebré Pro HD Cream Foundation for the shoot and hash-tagged #mehronmakeup in the photo. By chance, or perhaps fate, Stephanie found her work. Since then, it has been our enormous pleasure to work with this most exquisite artist who has done so much to contribute to the growth and rebranding of Mehron’s beauty line. We know when you read more about her, you will fall in love with her as we have.

Q and A

MehronWhat’s your beauty philosophy?
Paloma: I have always preferred the artistry, intelligence, allure, beauty, grace, dignity, strength, and perseverance of strong women. To me that’s PURE beauty.

MehronWhat’s your favorite “makeup moment” in history? Is there an image that resonates with you the most?
Paloma: My favorite “makeup moment” has to be from Mexican Icon Maria Felix. I loved the way she delivered Women Empowerment.

Mehron: What artists inspired you to become who you are today?
Paloma: I have been most fortunate in meeting and working alongside many very talented artists, but the one who made me feel that I CAN DREAM BIG! is the enormously talented Yadim Carranza. He is of Mexican heritage and lives in San Diego, CA. This made him relatable to me, as I too am of this nationality and live in San Diego. His magnificent, very edgy body of work stands out in the industry. He is the "IT" makeup artist of our generation. His work inspires me, the man himself inspires me. I have had the sheer privilege of working alongside him on several occasions. Meeting him made me realize, IT IS POSSIBLE!

Mehron: What inspires your creativity?
Paloma: First and foremost, I am inspired by the subject itself, or should I say, the woman in her entirety. There will be certain aspects of her that speak to me; the way she expresses herself through her eyes, the way she moves, how she carries herself.  I've been moved and inspired by a model’s shyness. It can be magical at times. And, of course, I am inspired by the artistry itself. I love experiencing other artists’ perspectives on beauty - especially the great ones I admire.

Mehron: Do you have a vision for yourself for the future?
Paloma: Yes, I absolutely have a vision! This is not just my work; it’s my passion, it's my life! I see myself hopefully inspiring and teaching the art and illusion of makeup to our generation, new generations, and beyond. I envision traveling the world with my own cosmetic brand as I selflessly share beauty looks and trends.

MehronCan you tell us a bit about the beauty images you have created for Mehron?
Paloma: For me Mehron is not just a cosmetic line; it is much more. The brand stands for Sophistication, Beauty, Edginess, and above all, Quality. Those are the images I strive to transmit throughout my work with this beauty brand. It comes easily because the products are just so amazing!

Mehron: What is it that you love about Mehron products? Are there any in particular you can’t live without?
Paloma: So many favorites to name ... but hands down, my all-time favorite is Celebré PRO HD Cream Foundation. It's a MUST HAVE! I will not do an editorial or shoot without it! I just love the high pigmentation of the product. Quality is of utmost importance, and Mehron is at the top or their game! I have turned so many colleagues on to Mehron. They can’t help but fall in love, just like I did.

Mehron: How has Celebré Pro impacted the way you work?
Paloma: For me Celebré PRO HD Cream Foundation has been a GAME CHANGER! I use this remarkable foundation as my base, my corrector, and my concealer. It really does it all! It glides on the skin like a luxurious butter with a satin finish. I’m absolutely MAD about it!!! I will not work without it. Luckily, I don't have to.

MehronHaving worked with Mehron products over the years, where do you think the future of Mehron is going?
Paloma: Well Mehron has a well-established history in the beauty industry. The brand has grown steadily over the decades, and I see it easily and successfully growing stronger in our industry for decades to come. With its artistic, avant-garde approach, I see Mehron with an enormous future at an international level, playing an important role as an ambassador of sorts to communities of artists worldwide.

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