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Daryna Barykina

A true Mehron girl at heart Daryna Barykina has captivated Mehron from the start with her artistry.  She embodies everything it is to be a Mehron girl, a girl who doesn’t hold back, passionate, bold and unapologetic.  Her unique approach to makeup isn’t just through her work as a makeup artist, but as the model her self and photographer.  Scrolling through her Instagram you’ll find stunning displays of makeup artistry through various colors, textures, mediums that come together to create conceptual works of art. It’s no wonder she caught the eye of Mehron and has been invited to give us a deeper look into the meaning behind her work.

Q and A

Mehron: How and when were you exposed to the world of makeup?
Daryna: As far as I remember myself I was always around makeup. I started using it creatively when makeup artist on my photography sets couldn’t give me the looks I wanted, despite I thought those looks were very easy to achieve. I started practicing on myself, testing products and working with unconditional materials, so as creative director, I could explain in depth how I want look applied and what products best to use.

Mehron: Where do you draw general inspiration from?
Daryna:My favorite source is personal experiences, emotions, and feelings. I use this approach for all of my self-portraits. It feels very safe to visualize what you wouldn’t say out loud. Despite there are quite a few moody and dark pieces, majority of my self portraits reflect a woman I’d like to become, not necessarily I am at the moment. It is my way of dreaming and visualizing aspirations.

Mehron: How do you come up with your conceptual ideas?
Daryna:There are probably few ways of how I approach inspiration (or it approaches me, who knows). One of them is modification of existing looks/ideas. I try brainstorming ways to re-invent something that was already created/used. Larger concept, on the other hand, demands theme and Idea. That usually has to do with some kind of emotion or event that I resonate with. I pick one and try to come up with as many ways as possible to visualize it. I like using cliché element, as they make artwork approachable and audience can appreciate idea better, when they understand what is in front of them.

Mehron: How do you concoct your infamous metallic tears and drips?
Daryna:I have to admit the drip trend started for me with Vlada Haggerty, absolutely no doubt she popularized this look, so I consulted with her at first, she was very kind to share her method; then started playing with products to see where it can take me. Usually it is a mixture of products like lip gloss and pigment in loose, pressed or creamy form, glitter, even lipstick will work. I choose type of pigment based on how thick/fluid I want my drips to be.

Mehron: Which Mehron products do you feel are best when photographing?
Daryna:I have top 3 products, that I travel with for any photography assignment, even when I am not directing or applying makeup: Metallic powders and mixing liquid, white and few additional shades of AQ Paradise Makeup and Ad Gem adhesive. I feel like with these three types of product I can create anything. They are my go to and my all time favorites! I have them with me at all times just in case inspiration comes unexpectedly and I decide to add a creative touch to the makeup looks.

Mehron: What are your tips and tricks for photographing difficult products such as iridescent pigments and glitter especially?
Daryna:I think I still haven’t figured out the best way to shoot glitter. I am learning something new every time I work with it. There are so many elements to it: size of glitter, lighting characteristics (soft or hard, continuous or strobe), aperture meaning (wide open or closed tight), kind of shot (macro, portrait, half/full body). Different combinations of these elements will provide different effect despite the task is only one: make that glitter shine. It’s not easy at all… One of my favorite approaches though is long exposure, where I expose model using strobe and continuous light. This approach helps creating practical lighting trails, which is an incredibly exciting process, as you can never repeat same pattern twice.

Mehron: What does it mean to you to be a Mehron girl?
Daryna:To me it means being innovative. Being able to work with incredibly versatile products that spark creativity and make any concept achievable. It means being celebrated for my ideas and creativity..

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