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Meet the incomparable Danessa Myricks. A true makeup maverick, Danessa is a leading voice in the beauty industry. Breaking into the business from corporate America, she discovered her true passion while overseeing artists as they transformed models for magazine shoots. This diverse background has armed Danessa with a unique perspective and artistic eye, which she brings to each look she creates. Her incredible talent and trendsetting skills have made her one of the most sought after makeup artists in the industry. Clients include such names as Ciara, Madonna, Brittany Spears, Fantasia, Jordan Sparks, and Chris Brown. Danessa’s expertise extends beyond the brush with how-to videos, books, classes, and product development.

We chose Danessa as our “Spotlight” artist because she epitomizes what a true Mehron girl represents. With her understanding of complexions and her position as one of the most prominent educators of Celebre in our industry, it only made sense to select Danessa to head up the makeup team for the new faces of Celebre Pro HD campaign shoot at MILK Studios. Denessa is a mentor and inspiration to fellow artists and we are honored to have her be a part of Celebre Pro HD beauty family.

Q and A

Mehron: What artists have inspired you to become who you are today?
Danessa: There are actually a series of artists who have served as my inspiration, but I would have to say that the two individuals that inspired my deepest desires to pursue a career in beauty would be Sam Fine and Kevyn Aucoin.

Mehron: Two amazingly talented artists. Your looks are also pure artistry. What serves as the springboard for your creativity?
Danessa: I am inspired by the collective experience – the places I’ve been, the things I’ve seen, the feelings I’ve had. This all transforms into my art. I like to push boundaries, put together things in non-traditional ways to create something new and beautiful.

Mehron: How did you enjoy being part of the Celebre Pro HD photo shoot?
Danessa: The shoot was surreal. The models and colors that were chosen were inspiring from top to bottom. It was also exciting because Mehron has been part of my artistry for a very long time. Mehron products really stretched my ability to play with makeup. I was inspired by their color since the beginning of my career. With this shoot, it is like I have come full-circle with the brand.

Mehron: What is your experience with using Celebre Pro HD?
Danessa: It represents the skin in a beautiful way. When you apply it, you look like yourself, but everything is enhanced by the flawless, natural finish it creates. Celebre Pro HD provides the right amount of coverage and works for all media – from television and print to the runway and everyday. I love the range of tones - the company truly considered everyone when developing the shades.

Mehron: Has Celebre Pro HD impacted the way that you teach?
Danessa: It is definitely in alignment with what I share with my students. I stress creating looks that don’t look like makeup, but rather that are fresh. The formula, tones, and “blendability” of Celebre allow you to apply a foundation that looks like skin.

Mehron: Having worked with Mehron products over the years, where do you think the future of Mehron is going?
Danessa: Mehron is always ahead of the curve. They are visionaries, fearless. I can’t imagine what’s next, but whatever it is, it will be amazing! Mehron has always been supportive of the artistic community. Their collaborative development includes people who use the products, which is a big reason for their continuing success.

Slideshow Credits -

Makeup: Danessa Myricks
Photographer: Danessa Myricks
IG: Danessa_Myricks
Facebook: Danessa Myricks

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