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Jinny Celebrates Her 15th Year With The World Bodypainting Festival

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Jinny, co-creator of Mehron's Paradise Makeup AQ line, is celebrating her 15th year at the World Bodypainting Festival (WBPF). The award-winning artist judged the festival's esteemed competition, as well as shared her tips and techniques with students in Mehron classes. Her vibrant designs and clever use of color have captured the hearts of fellow artists and fans around the world. She has been the artistically creative influence behind Cirque du Soliel productions and her work has been featured in international media, books, movies, magazines, commercials and shows. We caught up with Jinny to get a glimpse of how she became a part of this popular event that draws artists from all over the globe.

Mehron: When did you start with the festival and in what capacity?

Jinny: My first festival was in 2004. Mehron and I had decided that I should participate in this important event. I prepared a concept and I flew to Austria for the first time with my assistant to be a part of the competition in the sponge and brush category. Ten minutes after we entered our hotel room, I received a phone call from Alex Barendregt, the founder of WBPF. He was in a delicate situation and needed my help. One of the judges cancelled at the last minute and he was asking me to replace him and be a part of the 2004 jury panel. I was a bit in shock since my mind was set to compete and I was so ready for that. At the same time, Alex needed a quick answer from me. I agreed. I decided to not compete and judge instead. My experience went well and I really loved being able to see each creation and hear the story of each participant. I felt really blessed.

Mehron: When did you begin teaching at the festival?

Jinny: If my memory is good, I started teaching at the World Bodypainting Academy the second year I judged, so that would be 2005.

Mehron: What is it that draws you to teach each year?

Jinny: Teaching is something I really love. Some of my first students became world champions, published their own books,  became also renown in the industry, and are now international instructors. I’m very proud to have been an instructor there for the past 14 years.

Mehron: What is it that you love about the festival?

Jinny: First of all, this festival became a reference in our industry. Artists from over 50 different nations travel to be a part of this event. What I really love about this festival is to be reunited with people who are all sharing the same passion for face and body painting!

To keep up with Jinny and her art, follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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